Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama's Cairo speech: The missing page

Sheet of paper found on the floor of the auditorium at Cairo University:

"We hear a great deal these days, from those who want to justify terror, about a 'war against Islam,' supposedly led by the United States. I find this puzzling. When the Muslims of Bosnia were under attack from Christians, who saved them? It was not, certainly, the jihad crowd, who may have had a good time killing people but had no discernible effect on the outcome. The war was stopped, and with it the killing of Bosnian Muslims, by the intervention, including military, of the United States. And a few years later, when NATO went to war for the first and only time in its history, it was against a Christian country, to stop them attacking Muslims.

"Why did we do this ? Because we like Muslims more than Christians? No. We did it because we believe that human rights apply to everyone, no matter what their religion is.

"So let us dismiss the notion that there is a war against Islam. But while there is no war against Islam, in many places Muslims are under attack. In Iraq, for example, tens of thousands of noncombatants have been killed. But by whom? Not by Americans-- by Iraqis! Tens of thousands of Muslims have been killed by Muslims. Indeed, the allegedly anti-Muslim invasion of Iraq was aimed at overthrowing the man responsible for the deaths of more Muslims than anyone in history.

"Or consider another conflict, one that has been going on for over a decade. This conflict has resulted in over a million Muslims being displaced, hundreds of thousands being killed, and hundreds of thousands of Muslim women being raped. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim women being raped! Yet in the Muslim world apparently no one cares. Americans care, Europeans care, but the Muslim world has been silent, if not worse. Apparently the attitude in the Muslim world is, 'Displacing, killing, raping Muslims is perfectly fine, as long as we do it.' This attitude is very difficult for Americans to understand."

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