Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not to be Missed

I don't have much of a provenance on this video, but it seems to be an authentic Iranian government product, judging from the characters' accents in Farsi (joke). I'm baffled by how John McCain ended up as a senior White House official, but possibly the writers just thought this was an American-sounding name, as with CIA Iran expert Bill Smith.

George Soros is of course the guy hated by Glenn Beck for his habit of supporting alternatives to repressive governments. Sound crazy that Glenn Beck should find himself on the same side as Iranian mullahs? Yes. He is. It's no crazier than labeling Soros an evil leftist for his role in helping bring about the fall of Communism.

Gene Sharp is the mild-mannered academic who became an overnight sensation when it turned out the Egyptian kids had read his book on non-violent overthrow of repressive governments. So far I think he has escaped the attention of Glenn Beck, though that could change any day now.

Make sure you stay tuned for the live-action part, which gives you an idea of what would happen if the makers of a 1960s high-school movie on venereal disease had worked for Joseph Stalin.

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  1. I love the headset and fancy typing skills of the 113 operator.