Friday, April 8, 2011

This Statement Is False, At Least It's Intended to Be

My former senator, Jon Kyl (he's still a senator, just not mine), has issued a truly memorable clarification of his statement that abortion was "well over 90 percent" of what Planned Parenthood does. (The relevant  part begins at about minute 6:00.) That number turns out to be too high by a factor of about 30, and so his office explained that "his remark was not intended to be a factual statement..." So in the future, assume that remarks by Sen. Kyl are not intended to be factual, unless he tells you otherwise.

UPDATE: Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert at The Colbert Report picked up this story on Monday. Can't take those three-day weekends, guys, if you want  to stay on top of the news cycle. Colbert's best line: "Did you know that Jon Kyl has had sexual relations with all of his first cousins? And that is intended to be a factual statement. Note: That last statement, about the previous statement being a factual statement-- that was not intended to be a factual statement." See Colbert's follow-up segment here.

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