Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Speech Obama Should Give in July

"Looking at the mess in Washington today about raising the debt ceiling, people think, 'Can't those people in Washington do anything? What's wrong with our politicians?'

"It's understandable that people think this way. Understandable, but wrong.

"There are many things wrong with Washington, and many things that it doesn't do well. But this, working out a compromise on an issue, one that nobody loves but everybody can live with, is something it can do.

"I really prefer to avoid finger-pointing, but sometimes the truth has to be told. The current problems in Washington are not caused by Washington politicians. They're caused by a group of extremist Republicans who came to Washington determined not to do things Washington politicians do. First on the list of things they are determined not to do is compromise.

"They have convinced themselves that they were elected by people who want them to do anything, including harming the economy and damaging our international reputation, in order to get drastic cuts in essential government programs, including Medicare.

"Speaker Boehner may deny it, but he knows perfectly well that this whole crisis was created by his junior colleagues. And he knows that it could, and should, have been resolved a long time ago if his more senior colleagues had stood up to them.

"This is a democracy, and if that's what you wanted your representative to do, then by all means, vote for them again. If it's not, then vote for someone else."

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